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File: Most of us know what happens when you attach Word

Most of us know what happens when you attach Word.docx

File: Of course, there's the .pdf- stands for Pretty Decent File

Of course, there's the .pdf- stands for Pretty Decent File.pdf

File: Then there's using HTML

After all-
HTML is the standard formatting language for the Internet. Shouldn't it work well?
Good Reasons for using HTML:
  1. Most reliable, standard, and transportable means of communicating information over the Internet
  2. Create content once and use infinitely (repost in Blogs, mirror sites, emails, etc.)
  3. HTML code (along with java, Flash, etc.) enables creation of embedded videos, tools, RSS feeds, and much more.


File: Create one- Share twice

Create the content once and share twice (three, four, ...)

The previous page at Google.

The previous page at my Blog.


File: Ideas for using HTML

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Ideas for using HTML (in addition the text content):


1.       Create a lecture with Wimba Presenter.

2.       Upload PowerPoints to Google or SlideShare and embed all over.

3.       Embed YouTube videos.

4.       Create and import RSS Feeds to you courses.

5.       Use Polldaddy or Surveymonkey and other survey generators. (What ideas do you have?)


Proxy: Ideas: Create a lecture with Wimba


File: Ideas: Upload PowerPoints to SlideShare or Google


File: Ideas: RSS Feeds


File: Ideas: Embed Polls and Surveys


File: Survey Responses


File: What's first?


File: HTML Tips

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Keep this in mind about HTML:

You do not need to understand the code.

There are many software packages and online tools to help generate the code.

It is best to create your documents with an HTML creator, but you can convert Word and other files.

There are a few HTML conventions to understand. Using these customs (code) is what makes the content so standard acrocss platforms.